Man, it’s crazy when you come across real talent in life. Recently hearing about NoxTros from a friend stating that “this was the representation of my life”… I gotta say: NoxTros is the quintessential dope mixing pot of an artist. A little Timberlake, some Thicke, a little bit of Usher, with a dash of nasty. Cougar obviously gives a shout out to all the gorgeous mothers out in the world, and hell all the old ladies as well. I’m telling you all, this is the JAM!

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    • Ethan West

      I’ve had the chance to really listen to Ian’s work. As the world will soon find out, he’s more talented than he may ever know. The sky is the limit for him and I’m excited to see him evolve! I’m in love with his sound and can see his evolution unfolding.

      From the heart,

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