Marquis Ellison is the designer of Marquis Rashoid LLC. After receiving his BS in Fashion Merchandising from The Florida State University, he decided to pursue his dreams of having his own business by bringing his fashion sense to the world. The company believes in assisting and giving back, therefore, a portion of all proceeds benefits charitable organizations such as Breast Cancer and Crohn’s Disease. “The Marquis Rashoid Collection” (with Rashoid pronounced Rashad) offers luxury handmade bow ties and pocket squares that are fashion forward with trendsetting and distinctive designs. Although Marquis holds a degree in Fashion Merchandising, he lacked the sewing skills. After relocating to New York City, he sought a design studio and started taking sewing classes. Early mornings and long nights contributed to the craftsmanship of “Marquis Rashoid’s Bow Ties”. With his keen sense of fashion and attention to details, Marquis Rashoid was born.


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Marquis R. Ellison

Credit: Suits By ClavonsWear

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