On February 6th 2014, the Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply store, located at 99 University Place in New York, NY, held a Gala evening event in celebration of their newly designed facility.   For the last several months, the location had undergone an exterior metamorphosis that had drawn inquisitive New Yorkers to look and be amazed in a building that had suddenly come to life. Snapz Pro XScreenSnapz191Turns out that months prior, a young illustrator from Brooklyn, New York by the name of Jonathan Bartlett had been selected for a massive undertaking by Ralph Lauren to immortalize his building. Given only artistic freedom as his guidance, Jonathan Bartlett constructed a frame work that consists of mysterious characters, natural elements and metaphoric symbolism as described by the artist. The 30’x80’ mural wraps the exterior of the building and it also includes 3 large window installations.  Along with his work on the exterior of the Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply store, the illustrator also has a limited edition t-shirt that you can purchase at the location which benefits the School Of Visual Arts MFA Illustration scholarship fund. Screen-Shot-2014-01-27-at-3.04.43-PM Shortly after “The Dove Parlour” located at 228 Thompson Street provided a very swanky yet low key “democratized decadence” as described by the owners.  This venue offered to be an interesting contrast to the Ballroom Gala that topped the night off earlier that evening..  The décor at the venue kept within the elements and was both artistic and elegant which made for a nice nite-cap.  We got a chance to meet up with Jonathan and congratulate him on the successful completion of this project.

When one thinks of any artist that is intriguing, you find fundamental factors critical to their overall makeup. With such elements as influence, individualism, improvisation and of course vision, Jonathan Bartlett work speaks in volumes; he is a mentor as well as a student of his craft and a leader in his approach.   Often compared to as “The Norman Rockwell” of our generation, he is the Artists-artist, a realist with an incomparable imagination for illustration which makes for an innovative collaboration. Certainly down to earth but up to the times, Bartlett is someone to keep an eye out for in 2014.

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