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Using spices to help you with your health is a common trend these days; use a sprinkle of this and a dash of that to help fight off some of the bodies natural enemies.

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            Remember that good old slab of  thanksgiving honey baked ham?  It turns out Grandma wasn’t crazy for putting all those thorn like cloves in the damn ham…   I can’t tell you how many times I asked the reasoning behind it,only to get no response… (I am guessing you can tell I was not the favorite). Ham has one of the highest parasitic levels in its tissue bar none, so its no wonder that some old-school methods are used to purify it.

             A few years back there was a huge scare in the states with Salmonella and E coli bacteria being found in the ground beef; which inadvertently ended up killing a bunch of people & sickening even more.   This E coli breakout caused the government to try to find a cheaper way of ridding the meat of these pathogens, so they granted a couple hundred-thousand dollars to The University Of Kansas to find a natural way of killing these pathogens as the meat was being processed .  In the study,many spices were used, with the purpose of discovering which bacterium would stand no chance as a natural additive and believe it or not: out of the many used, the Clove was crowned king.

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It turns out, that cloves killed the bacteria on contact.  So this would lead you to believe that the study was a complete success… correct?? Well yea… kinda…. partially at least. Although they had discovered the perfect natural additive, the unfortunate backlash was that the powerful scent and taste of clove was overwhelmingly present. Considering that the scent and taste could not be masked. The government decided to use a vaccine in the cows along with a irradiation technique to help fight the bacteria prior to it reaching the consumers. That way, you wouldn’t lose that great taste of meat you love even though you’d be sacrificing your health via radiation and adverse reactions to vaccinated cattle because of course, taste is far more important than health, you silly human.

So what can we take from this? Adding cloves to our foods or clove capsules into our supplemental diet can enhance our chances of killing bacteria that still very much exists in our food supply.  So take the extra step for your health by adding this amazing spice into your life via your cooking ingredients or throwing some cloves in your tea or even purchasing outright clove-capsules can assist in this battle against bad bacteria.

A very cost effective way to do this is to buy the spice and a bottle of empty O capsules and fill it yourself.  The empty O capsules are either made from a soy or tree bark, it really just depends on your preference.

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