The Dirty Bodega has been advised by the Rap Deities to shine light on one of  Hip-Hop’s most slept on groups to hit the scene in recent years. The Doppelgangaz  have achieved a huge following predicated on an incredibly polished library of beats, raw rhymes and their signature Black Cloak lifestyle. Matta Ov Fact and EP have uniquely carved their own niche in an over saturated hip-hop game with a devoted fan base, a propensity for brothels, drinking rubbing alcohol and overall debauchery. You need to know just who The Doppelgangaz are and why old school heads and new school fans alike are converting to the cloak and dagger lifestyle. I was able to connect and shoot the gift with Matta Ov Fact and EP about their “Dopp Gang” movement and much more.



DB: The word Doppelganger implies a ghastly duplicate, or a ghostly counterpart. Aside from you both  looking almost virtually the same, break down the origins and the reasoning around the name.

MF: EP and I have known each other since 3rd grade or something like that. So naturally,  we see to eye to eye when it comes to this music thing. We don’t believe in anything else (laughs). Like E, he doesn’t believe in interracial marriage (laughs), but we agree when it comes to music.Its just like us being on the same page or working with yourself when it comes time to put in work.

DB: That brings up an interesting point about the art of the hip-hop duo and how it really is a dying breed in the rap game today. The art and chemistry that you develop with a duo seems to be driving force behind why your music is dope. Take us through your creative process and how you write your rhymes together.




EP: The biggest thing with us is chemistry. All of the weird things we experience on a daily basis, all the of the hilarious shit that Tropicana Josh talks about and brings with his personality is an influence. The chemistry breeds the ideas that are already there. It’s not anything specific, we don’t have to have a certain concept song . We just put in little key things that we find hilarious or certain points we want to make and then build around that . When we actually have concepts that both of us have discussed already, its easy when we start forming these songs because its what we both are going through as a collective experience. That’s where the chemistry comes from. When the chemistry is genuine, you can tell man. We’ve known each other since the third grade so its hard to fake the funk…its not like a boy band or a put together band. When people ask us how we make these songs, we say its just a lot of cocaine, hookers and somehow the songs come out (laughs).



DB: So from your debut project “2012: The New Beginning” , to Lone Sharks,  all the way to HARK, your sound seems to balance the fine line between humor and filthiness, but at the same time the rhymes and the production still remain raw. The dope equilibrium that yall keep is, in our opinion, what makes the Doppelgangaz sound so ill.  Critics have said that your sound appeals to both hip-hop purists and new school heads alike. To hear Mf Grimm (2:23) sample in “Get em” and the Lord Finesse sample (0:05) on “The Props” shows an incredible amount detail within your craft. How do you go about digging and finding that perfect sample or excerpt to your sound?

EP:  Im glad you picked up on the concept of the “fine line”;  That’s a big thing with us; playing the fine line. We want to keep everybody guessing, but at the same time, its not a calculated effort. That’s how we are in real life.

MF: We say a lot a stuff to people and they don’t really know if we are dead serious or not, we just get off like that…

EP: Playing the fine line is what we like to do. Our music is so many things in one and we always want to touch on a little bit of everything that appeals to different senses or sounds, are we being humorous or are we dead serious? That is just really how we are and we can’t really control that. As far as the digging, we love going through records; We just picked up a slew of records from our Dj. It really is about going through the records and see what applies or even sometimes its just about what sounds cool. We might take something from an old radio excerpt, an old movie, or a play or comedy record. Just weird stuff, like the at the beginning of “At Night”.


DB: You definitely put a lot into your production and lyrical craft. Which I can see the international fans love as well. Your second lyric album “Lone Sharks” definitely put the group on the map domestically and overseas, were there any changes in your formula while making “HARK” after the success of “Lone Sharks”?

MF: For us, each album is simply like capturing moments in time. It would be the things we are talking about  at the time, or the jokes we are cracking at the time. HARK is simply another chapter in life; even now, we are working on some new material and looking forward to sharing new music with the people. We don’t think in terms like “okay this is a new project”, let do this or that….we just form shit from our lives and put it on record.



DB: That’s whats its about…the people, the fans. You most certainly have a devoted fanbase with “The Sharks and Sharkettes” that live that Smang life. Explain to the fans what a quintessential Doppelgangaz “smang evening” and the definition behind the sharks and sharkettes as well.

MF: (Laughs) I think a quintessential smang evening is getting yourself a big mama. You know them ladies that are comfortable in their own skin. The big mamas–they on deck over here (laughs). As far as the Shark and Sharkettes, its just one big family. We met people overseas that have been hitting us on Facebook and Twitter and its just like meeting a friend you haven’t seen in a minute. I couldn’t tell you one experience where a fan has been unpleasant.Everybody has shown us mad love and we have just been kicking it. Every performance we show love and kick it like one big ass family.

DB: Any personal collaborations? Personally I would love to see The Doppelgangaz work with Madlib; but as producers or rappers, who would like to work with?

EP: That’s a difficult question mainly because we are fans of some many artists, but we are not particularly sure if the mixture would necessarily work. We get so consumed into our own craft, sound and things we want to talk about. I think that some people would get kind of bugged out, but I think some people wouldn’t get bugged out by the weird stuff. I could see Madlib not being bugged out(laughs). Im definitely a big fan of his work and it would be ill to have Quasimoto on a track(laughs).Off top though,  its really hard to tell. For us, its about building with somebody, if we feel the chemistry is right, then we would be more inclined to do music that way as opposed to saying “I like this persons music” and then sending them a track and getting it back. I don’t know if it comes out the same; plus like we said before, we are very big on chemistry. There is no point on forcing it just because you like an artists music.


Trop Josh

DB: Tell us what roles Tropicana Josh and Scoobavel play in the whole Doppelgangaz movement.

MF: Tropicana Josh is essentially the backbone of the group. I’ve never met a man with that many hilarious “qoutables” in my life. I can feel a lack of inspiration or just feel drained and I can kick it with that man for five minutes and catch an idea. As far as Scoobavel, he just takes care of business. We are business men ourselves, but we like to immerse ourselves in the music and the process of making music, so its great to have someone on the team that not only is friend, but can also take care of the dirty work. He just keeps hitting us; The grind doesn’t stop and that’s the type of person that makes you want to work harder at your craft.

DB: Aight…Im going to hit yall with a scenario: It’s Armageddon, no one is left, zombies have taken over and ya’ll have taken refuge on an island. You get one classic album, one woman, one sneaker….

MF: Im going with what I have on my feet; them Black/Red Jordan 1’s. I like the way they fit my feet; as far as females, I can truthfully say that I don’t really have anyone that comes to mind. I’ll just take me a big mama, like a Minotaur or horse (laughs). She got them strong ankles and a horse ass…and she weighs like 200 lbs, but tall and proportionate (laughs). Musically, I might need some motivation, because you know, Im going to have to collect fruit and all that so I’m thinking something motivational. I might bring my homie PizzNac (2pac) with me , you can’t go wrong with some Pac. I need to know that  everything is okay, so I’m bringing some Bob Marley with me, because if you feel like things ain’t going right…throw on some Bob and everything is going to be alright…(laughs)

EP: Musically, I don’t have one off top but I would just rock with a nice Bossa Nova record, so when humanity started back up I can listen to it, sample it, rock for it my leisure; kill two birds with one stone. Kicks wise, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Jordan 3’s but lately I’ve been chilling back and rocking some Vans nowadays. But yea…Big Mama, strong ankles…(laughs)

DB: Let the fans know what to look for the near future…..

EP: Expect us to round out the rest of the Hark videos, maybe 1 or 2 more.We also have new music dropping in December with a new project coming in December as well. Keep your eyes and ears out because you know how we do, we don’t just drop music, we always accompany a video with it.

MF: Definitely catch us at AC3 Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta this year in October…and we back out to Europe starting in December as well. Be sure to check us out for upcoming shows in NYC as well.


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