First things first, this item does not cost a large sum of money, it is profoundly effective in thinning the blood, taking care of pain as well as joint inflammation.  Normally, you would need a medical prescription for something this potent and you would also have to deal with the side effects that are related to the use of that drug, such as liver and kidney damage.  Ultimately, the fact is that natural spices within your cabinet can assist these issues just as much as the juiced-up competition.   NSAIDS, otherwise called prescription drugs when compared with this holistic herbal approach fell short in every trial.  However, the approach I am referring to is a simple Ginger and Turmeric Blend encapsulated in an Empty O-Capsule.   All you need is approximately $10.00 and some time to make these capsules.  The results have been tested, proven and are phenomenal for a price that is extremely inexpensive.  If you plan on purchasing this same blend in the natural food shops, it will run you about $40.00 for 30 pills but if you take the time to buy the items listed, it will cost less than $10.00.  Some of the requirements for this Holistic Anti-Inflammatory Capsule are Ginger Powder, Turmeric Powder and a jar of empty O-Capsules.   If you are not sure what Turmeric looks like, or even where you can find it, then simply contact your local East Indian Market to receive more information on this product..  Turmeric has been under evaluation in recent years for its anti-cancer fighting agents, whereas the use of spice and ginger have always been know to control and regulate blood pressure among other health related matters.  The only known side effects to this blend is that it should not be consumed by people who are already taking anti-coagulant drugs or any other prescription drugs, as this combination could cause a problem.   In view of this, it is always best to consult a Pharmacist and Physician before taking any new drug whether it is holistic or medically prescribed.   Remember Organically made spices are the ideal choice when purchasing any ingredient but Non-Organic works just as well.  Lastly when purchasing the Empty O-capsules, it is my recommendation to avoid those capsules that are made with soy-based ingredients, as there are some people who have digestive allergies to soy products.   Best Wishes and I do believe that your results will prove most beneficial.





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